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Hard Money Investor

A hard money investor is an individual or agency that uses real estate as collateral to issue a loan to an applicant. However, the loans usually are not as large as the loans provided by traditional banking institutions. This reduction in loan size can be due to any number of reasons, but that does not mean that using a hard money investor automatically results in settling for a smaller loan amount. In fact, many people have received larger than expected loans by cross-collateralizing their properties. What this means is that by using two or more pieces of property as collateral, the applicant can increase the loan amount.

Real Estate Investments

How this loan can benefit a business can be measured in any number of ways. Obviously, it will be an increase to the business’s capital, enabling them to be more aggressive with their planning. It also provides a business with a sense of security, which may be more of a qualitative measurement but one that is equally as valuable. After all, when those in charge of the company know that there is money to fund necessary aspects of the business, that lack of anxiety is observed throughout the workforce and often results in a more productive workplace. In sum, a loan can benefit a company in innumerable and immeasurable ways.